• Benefiting the Less Fortunate through Donations Services in Houston Texas

    When buying a new car, many people may look to trade in their vehicle to the dealership. While this can save a person a little bit of money off the purchase price, there may be a better deal for the buyer. By giving your car to Donations Services in Houston Texas, a buyer will get tax benefits that may be a better deal than the trade in value. Before simply accepting the trade in offer, look into donating your old vehicle to Harbor Ministries. Not only will you get a tax benefit, you will be helping those less fortunate get a new start on life.

  • Spreading the Gospel with a Houston Automotive Donation

    Many Christians give what they can to their respective churches. This is great for helping sustain their community and keeping the message of Christ’s love alive. There are, however, other ways to spread the message of the Gospel. One way is through a Houston Automotive Donation. By donating an old vehicle to Harbor Ministries, you can be sure that your car is being used to help those in need with a Christ-based ministry, showing these men that the power of Christ’s love is still alive and well in today’s world.

  • Achieving Permanent Change with a Houston Faith-Based Charity

    The classic adage is, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” At Harbor Ministries, we want to teach men how to be productive members of society to help them not just today, but for the rest of their lives. We want to teach the message of Christ’s love to every man and show him that he has worth.

  • Houston Texas Clothing Donations to Help the Homeless

    As we move into winter and begin to prepare for the holidays, now may be a good time to go through your closet and get rid of old clothing. Many of us have clothes in good condition that we simply choose not to wear that others may like. Instead of letting these clothes take up space in a closet, use Houston Texas Clothing Donations to help those in need. At Harbor Ministries, we gladly accept clothing donations to sell in our thrift store, which helps fund important work.

  • Providing Houston Homeless Assistance with Harbor Ministries

    Homeless people are easy to ignore and put out of our minds. We may occasionally see them on the street but most people simply walk right by without paying them any attention. This is unfortunate, because Christ said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it to me” (Matthew 25:40). For every Christian, providing Houston Homeless Assistance should be a top priority. If you have items to donate to our thrift store, please contact us right to help fund this important ministry.

  • Helping the Less Fortunate with Houston Clothing Donations

    When men are released from prison, many simply want an opportunity to show they are reformed. Prison is a terrible place and most people sincerely do not want to return. Unfortunately, many employers are skeptical of hiring someone with a criminal record, causing this former prisoner to return to his old ways. These men do have options, however, which can be funded with Houston Clothing Donations. By giving men the opportunity to show that they sincerely want to change their lives, they have a much better chance at finding gainful employment.

  • Putting Old Cars to Use with Houston Vehicle Donation

    Many people have older cars that they don’t know what to do with. They may sit in a driveway or take up space in a garage waiting to be fixed. An owner may work on it here and there and may have grand plans for it eventually, but they never come to fruition. Instead of letting this valuable piece of property just rust away, is it as a Houston Vehicle Donation and use it to help the less fortunate.

  • Building Spiritual Growth with a Houston Homeless Charity

    Many men in society know something is lacking in their lives, but they don’t know exactly how to fill it. Some turn to drugs or alcohol in an effort to fill this gap, which only leads to problems with their families and problems with the law. What they are missing is actually the presence of God in their life. When a man fills that hole with the love of Jesus Christ through a Houston Homeless Charity, they suddenly find themselves fulfilled without the need for harmful drugs. This helps men reunite with their families and keeps them out of jail.

  • Fighting Spiritual Emptiness with Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

    Homelessness is really a symptom of a larger problem in society – spiritual emptiness. When people feel they have no worth in society or in the eyes of the Lord, they are more likely to make bad decisions like using drugs or committing crime. This greatly increases the chance that they will alienate family and friends and find themselves on the streets. It is important that Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas work to fill this spiritual emptiness with a solid Christian foundation in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Once these men see they have value in the eyes of the Lord, they are more likely to live a wholesome, law-abiding life.

  • Providing Skills for Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

    One of the biggest hurdles for men getting out of prison is that they have few skills. Prison is supposed to offer training or classes, but these are often inadequate. Also, many employers are skeptical of these men; it’s one thing to do well in prison but quite another to do well in society. Many employers simply don’t want to take a chance on these men. At Harbor Ministries, we provide additional training to these men and give them a chance to show they have changed. This way, they can show employers their progress and have real skills to offer employers.

  • Earning Respect with Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

    Prisons seek to break men down. They work to take away a person’s self-worth, their identity, and their self-respect. This is done by the guards and other prison personnel in an effort to maintain control. Unfortunately, this carries over when a man is released from prison. Suddenly, he has none of the basic tools necessary to function in society. Harbor Ministries seeks to provide Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas by helping a man earn respect and build up his self-worth. By giving him tasks and responsibilities and letting him earn more through good work, we can help this man get back on his feet.

  • Helping ex-Offenders with Auto Donations in Houston Texas

    One of the most ostracized groups of society are those with criminal records. Upon being released from prison, many of these men find that they are effectively excluded from legitimate society. They can’t find legit work, so they wind up back on the streets with the same crowd that got them locked up in the first place. Through Auto Donations in Houston Texas, it is possible to help these men get back on their feet and find real work, allowing them to live as productive members of society.

  • Providing Lasting Relief with Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

    The goal of any Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas should be giving the men tools they need to support themselves. While temporarily shelters play a vital and necessary role in society, it is important to get men out of these shelters and into homes they can afford with skills to keep them gainfully employed. At Harbor Ministries, we seek to provide just that for homeless men and for men just out of prison. This way, the shelters can be a temporary solution for men seeking to turn their lives around instead of a permanent situation that keeps them stuck in a cycle of dependency.

  • Automotive Donations in Houston Texas to Help the Homeless

    Many people have old cars that have transmission issues or other mechanical problems that make them practically unable to be driven. They take these cars to a dealership, take what little they can get for a trade in, and simply forget about the car. There are other options, however. If you have an old car that needs some work but can be fixed, consider Automotive Donations in Houston Texas in order to put your car to good use. Not only can it help the homeless or a man fresh out of jail, it also can give you a tax credit that can be a major help.

  • Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas: Helping with Reintegration

    One thing people not think about is, when a person gets out of jail or works to correct chronic homelessness, there are many basic life skills that they simply don’t possess. Opening a checking account, setting a monthly budget, and other daily activities that we take for granted can be extremely difficult for these men. This can make reintegrating to society almost impossible. Part of Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas needs to focus on these life skills in order to make sure these men know how to function in society.