Urgent Need for Donations Service Houston Texas

Many people want to help those in need but don’t know where to begin.  Some charitable organizations have very high overhead meaning that much of the money donated goes to pay for administrative fees rather than helping the poor or homeless.  When looking for donations service Houston Texas it is important to find an organization that puts the money to good use helping those in need. Continue reading “Urgent Need for Donations Service Houston Texas”

A Clothing Donations Facility in Houston Texas Helps Ex-Convicts

Men returning from prison often have a very difficult time adjusting to life on the outside.  Because prison life is an extremely structured existence it can be overwhelming to suddenly return to the freedom of the outside world.  This fact combined with the lack of opportunities offered to convicts means that many people return to a life of crime and wind up back in jail.  This revolving prison door has a high social cost as well as a high financial cost. Instead of being productive members of society these men’s lives are wasted behind bars.  A clothing donations  facility in Houston Texas can help provide these men with services to get them re-acclimated to society. Continue reading “A Clothing Donations Facility in Houston Texas Helps Ex-Convicts”

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