Free Rehabilitation Program for Men

The Harbor Ministries offers free assistance to men who need a fresh start in life . Our program is free to men who have a sincere desire to change. There is no up front costs , no down payments , no insurance required . We receive no government assistance , or grants because we are self supported through our vocational training program . We require that all men work in our vocational training program to offset the costs of program . This not only enables us to be a free rehabilitation program , but it helps an individual in recovery to get accustomed to “real life” and become acclimated back into society . We are long term rehabilitation program 12 months the first six months , each individual is required to attend our classes and meetings along with the vocational training , during the last six months of the program you are required to become employed full time and save your money so that you can get a fresh start in life . If you or anyone you know wants a new beginning but cant afford the high costs of rehab , the Harbor Ministries life Training Center can help.

Should I give money to the homeless on the streets?


I know that that may sound uncompassionate and harsh; however your hard earned money may be being used to enable a counterproductive lifestyle. Many on the streets are mentally ill, disabled or out of work. But from my experience the largest percent are addicted to drugs and alcohol, or are anti-social; some are even fugitives who have dropped off the main stream grid who wish not to be identified.
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Benefiting the Less Fortunate through Donations Services in Houston Texas

When buying a new car, many people may look to trade in their vehicle to the dealership. While this can save a person a little bit of money off the purchase price, there may be a better deal for the buyer. By giving your car to Donations Services in Houston Texas, a buyer will get tax benefits that may be a better deal than the trade in value. Before simply accepting the trade in offer, look into donating your old vehicle to Harbor Ministries. Not only will you get a tax benefit, you will be helping those less fortunate get a new start on life.
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What People are Saying!
  • The counselors have an open door policy and they provide stellar support as well as a variety of lectures and group discussions. They can help you with any type of addiction. Talitha Benavidez
  • The treatment team is highly experienced and trained. The treatment facility is amazing. The staff is AMAZING the food is AMAZING the accommodations are (again) AMAZING. Fred
  • Good behavioral techs. Too much confusion among discharge planners and insurance. Tawanda
  • The Harbor Ministries Life Training Center is a very well run Facility. The property is amazing and the perfect location to start healing. Sherri Sides
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