Vocational Training


Our vocational training program is designed to teach the students to give and take directions, assume responsibilities and develop new coping skills.

Daily Chores:
The students are responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of The Harbor facilities. These daily tasks help establish good habits and healthy routines.

Vocational Training:
During the first six months at The Harbor, our students work side by side with staff members in our resale shops.  The students learn valuable lessons, which will help them in the workplace and in life.  The next six months are known as the re-entry phase.  This is when the students obtain outside jobs, and begin to save their income. During this phase, they will continue to stay at The Harbor and participate in group activities.

Students that successfully complete the primary levels of the program will be promoted into supervisory positions.  These promotions build self-esteem and compel the student(s) to develop better leadership skills.

During the last six months of the program, the students are required to find a job in the community. Then, we help them establish a savings account and develop a budget. This budget must reflect an expectation of independence upon graduation. During this phase the student polishes his skills and puts into practice the lessons learned at The Harbor.

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