Spreading the Gospel with a Houston Automotive Donation

Many Christians give what they can to their respective churches. This is great for helping sustain their community and keeping the message of Christ’s love alive. There are, however, other ways to spread the message of the Gospel. One way is through a Houston Automotive Donation. By donating an old vehicle to Harbor Ministries, you can be sure that your car is being used to help those in need with a Christ-based ministry, showing these men that the power of Christ’s love is still alive and well in today’s world.

The message of Jesus Christ centered around helping the poor and downtrodden. His message was specifically aimed at those who were outcast or ostracized from their society. He preached to and openly associated with lepers, prostitutes, tax collectors, and others who were despised in their community. Today, unfortunately, we continue to ostracize these people and continue to push them to the fringes of society.

For men recently released from prison or who have experienced homelessness, it can feel like society is completely against their very existence. Harbor Ministries seeks to build value in these men, showing them that they are valuable members of society and that Christ loves them in spite of some of their faults. Donation help us achieve this task. It shows that people in society truly want to help these men and they have not been forgotten.

Another benefit in donating a vehicle to Harbor Ministries is that it provides a tax break for the donator. We provide all the forms necessary to claim this deduction. Not only does a vehicle help men in need, it also provides a little bonus when it comes time file those taxes.

If you have a vehicle that is in disrepair or is otherwise unneeded, consider donating it to Harbor Ministries. These vehicles provide transportation to and from job sites and can even be sold to help fund the ministries’ important services. For donations that helps spread the message of Christ’s love, contact Harbor Ministries today.

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