Hey my name is Michael. I have been sober since 1998 by the Grace of God.

A little about myself I am a meth addict. In 1998 I weighed 138 lbs and I did not believe in God. I had finally hit rock bottom and I asked God if he was really there take this addiction away… now this was from a none believer at the time.

I heard in my heart and head and was asked three times do you want me to take this away and I cried and said yes! I felt warm milk like feeling poor over me and when I got up off the floor the urge to get high was GONE. I knew I had to get out of the town I was in or I knew I would die.

After hearing about the Harbor I bought a one way bus ticket and headed to Houston not knowing if they would take me in, but I knew I couldn’t stay where I was. Larry picked me up at 11:30 at night from the bus station. He interviewed me in the morning and for the next year of my life God ,through Larry changed my life forever. As of April 18, 2018 I celebrate 20 yearssober. With out the Harbor and their anointing and the foundation of faith I received while in the program I would not be here today

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