I just had a garage sale and would like to donate the left over items; do you have a donation pickup service?  If so, what items do you accept and what condition must they be in?

Yes, we do have a Houston donation pickup service. We pick up any serviceable donated items.  We accept most anything you would have in your home.

The only condition we have on donated clothes and shoes is that they must be dry and not have any strong odors. We gladly accept any clothing or shoes in good condition!

Furniture must be in fair to better condition. For instance, dressers must have all the drawers, tables and chairs need to have all the legs. We cannot accept couches or mattresses that are soiled, stained, or torn. We cannot accept any items that are extremely water damaged or have pest infestations due to health laws. Our drivers will be glad to determine the condition and acceptance of donated furniture.

We accept any housewares such as dishes, pots and pans, Bric-à-brac, whatnots, lamps, pictures, small or large appliances, televisions, computers, bedding, toys, collectables, books, DVDs, VHS tapes, stereos, exercise equipment, sporting goods, tools, rugs, jewelry, makeup, cologne, just to name a few! If you had it in your yard sale we will take it!

We accept any unopened, non-perishable food items.

We recycle!  So, along with your donation, we will accept any non-working appliances, scrap metal, wire or any junk item made of metal, aluminum, copper or brass.

I’m interested in the program , how much does it cost to live there ?

The Harbor is a free program .There is no charge for students accepted into the program , however students are expected to work in our vocational program to off set the costs of room and board during the first phase of the program . During the second phase or re entry as we call it , students must find gainful employment and save money so they can successfully re enter society.

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