Should I give money to the homeless on the streets?


I know that that may sound uncompassionate and harsh; however your hard earned money may be being used to enable a counterproductive lifestyle. Many on the streets are mentally ill, disabled or out of work. But from my experience the largest percent are addicted to drugs and alcohol, or are anti-social; some are even fugitives who have dropped off the main stream grid who wish not to be identified.

I know it is hard to drive by or say no to those who seem so desperate but if you would like to see a positive impact on the homeless society, donate your money, used clothes, housewares, furniture and old automobiles to a local Houston charity. These charities such as The Harbor Ministries , Salvation Army, Star of Hope, Open Door Mission, Son Rise Mission are all free of charge and designed to lend a helping hand to those in need; and they all have good programs designed to rehabilitate such people back into society.

Fact is, if we give our resources to the right places it will be much more productive and may provide an indirect intervention of sorts by “forcing” those who need help to seek out the right agencies.

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