Harbor Rules


  1. Full induction residency lasts for approximately twelve months.  It must be understood that a student is fully committed to the full-length stay; otherwise applicant will not be accepted for residency.
  2. Upon entering the Harbor, a shower will be required, and all belongings will be searched.  The items will be searched for drugs and anything, which might be harmful to the entrant’s body, mind and spirit, or for anything that could jeopardize his commitment to the program. Staff may search belongings anytime deemed necessary.
  3. Upon entry all personal items will be inventoried. Staff will assess personal clothing needs and provide a voucher to the student. Taking anything without permission is grounds for dismissal.
  4. There is a procedure for out-processing, and anyone being dismissed from the program will be expected to follow it.



  1. Students will seek counsel from staff ONLY. There will be no questions asked of other students and no counseling (spiritual or otherwise) done by students.  The past is not discussed with the exception of meeting times, and then only when called upon.
  2. Any complaints concerning the program or other students should be made in the form of a formal write up and/or taken to the director.
  3. Older brothers are not given authority to deal with arguments, which develop between students or between a student and staff.
  4. All speech and conduct should be that of Christian Love, Compassion, and Consideration for others. No FIGHTING, cursing, or drug or street talk will be permitted.  Our freedom should not offend the freedom of others.  All things said should be to edify and build up others.
  5. The police will handle any violence, fighting or verbal abuse, or public disturbances. POLICE WILL BE CALLED AND THE VIOLATER WILL BE ESCORTED OFF THE PREMISSES AND CHARGED ACCORDINGLY.
  6. Since the spirit of the Lord is creative and constructive, no destructiveness to facilities, leaning on walls, or generally loose attitudes toward God’s work (including vocational training) will be allowed. This includes avoiding waste, conserving energy (turning out lights, etc.), and all other responsibilities indicative of good stewardship.
  7. All students will abide by the schedule of daily activities set by the staff.
  8. All chores are to be done according to the directors standards, 7 DAYS A WEEK.
  9. Anyone who shows evidence of an incorrigible attitude through persistent infractions of house rules or official policies may be dismissed.
  10. Any time the director or authorized staff member gives a direction (request, order, etc.) the only acceptable response by a student shall be with a clear “YES SIR!” and then the student shall be expected to correspond with the proper action with visible signs of heartfelt obedience. NO MURMERING OR COMPLAINING WILL BE TOLERATED.  If the student believes he has valid ground to question a directive, he must quietly and humbly address the Director about it.
  11. Twenty-four hour supervision will be maintained. No student may leave the premises without supervision (this includes off limit areas). Leaving without permission is interpreted as a decision to terminate one’s involvement with The Harbor Ministries Program. Breaking this rule may constitute automatic dismissal.
  12. All scheduled activities require full participation. Overhead lights in dorm areas will be turned out at 10:00 pm. Any night-light or other lights will be turned out at 11:00 pm.
  13. Dating and Relationships: This program is designed to be a period of setting oneself aside for God.  All outside relationships, unless one is legally married, will be set aside while in the program.
  14. Those given authority to drive ministry vehicles will go only to destinations and via routes that are pre-approved. ANY OTHER STOPS COULD BE GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL.
  15. Free time begins, only when chores and studies are complete. (This includes scripture memorization.)
  16. No sleeping during the daytime except on Sunday afternoon unless permission has been given. Once beds are made they are to stay unwrinkled and neat. No laying on them during the day.
  17. TV can only be watched with permission from staff and only if all chores and homework assignments have been completed. Staff must approve all programs and videos.
  18. Students must have permission every time they watch TV.
  19. Anyone caught watching secular TV or unauthorized videos without permission may cause all students to lose T.V. privileges.
  20. No arguing with the director at any time. Arguing with director or staff is grounds for immediate dismissal. Any conversation directed toward staff should be one of respect and done in a Christian manner.



  1.    During meetings and activities, conversation between men and women should be at a minimum, and should be monitored by a staff member or an older brother.  Conversation between a student and a female should be limited to a greeting unless given special permission by staff. A student is expected to take the initiative to end the conversation politely and quickly.
  2.      During meetings and at churches, students will be allowed to share testimonies, songs etc. ONLY when called on or asked to share, and then only with staff permission.
  3. Social Functions and Church:  Students are required to attend church on a regular basis.  At social functions and church, we sit together as a group.  Students must go to the restroom BEFORE church or meetings. There will be no sleeping or disturbing the speaker or those around you.  Students must always remember they represent the Harbor and its purpose, and must always conduct themselves accordingly.
  4. Students must sit through all meetings no running in and out. No slouching or sleeping. Pay attention to the person speaking.
  5. All students must attend meetings clean and neat, wearing proper clothing.   (no p.j.’s, tank tops or shorts)


  1. All students are expected to work and perform with a spirit of excellence. As a student, you are representing The Harbor Ministry and more importantly, Jesus.
  2. All work areas are to be kept neat and clean. Nothing is to be taken from the job site that was not brought with the person.
  3. All house rules are to be obeyed on the job site.
  4. All students are expected to obey any student left in charge of the job as long as it doesn’t endanger him or others.
  5. Pre re-entry students may not purchase items from the Harbor thrift stores.
  6. Nothing is to be taken from the stores, processing or the trucks with out permission from the director. The only items that will be allowed; will be for the use of all students, present and future. (i.e. books for library, cooking utensils, bedding ect.)


  1. Personal items not deemed necessary to Christian growth and things that sustain ties to the past will be removed.  These items will either be thrown away or taken home by your family.  All reminders from the past should be removed, temporarily at least, from the person upon entry.  Any items brought in by visitors or family members must be brought to the office to be approved, before they can be given to students.  (This procedure is to ensure the safety of all residents.)
  2. No weapons, tools, knives or anything that could be used as a weapon in personal areas.
  3. No drugs, including alcohol or nicotine, will be allowed on the premises or used by any student at any time.  SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED.
  5. The office is off limits to unauthorized persons. An authorized staff member will handle incoming and outgoing calls.  Absolutely no long distance calls will be made without permission from Director.
  6. Pantries are off limits, only the cooks and staff members are allowed.
  7. No secular music will be allowed.  The only radio stations approved are 89.3 and 105.7; no other radio stations are to be played.  Staff must approve all Christian music and teaching material.
  8. NO PERSONAL RADIOS, STEREOS, FANS or any other electronics/appliances. Harbor property only.
  9. Staff must approve all movies. No movies are to be brought in from outside without first getting staff approval.  This could cause loss of TV privileges for everyone.
  10. No jewelry (rings, necklaces, earring, etc.) will be allowed without permission of staff.
  11. No vehicles allowed unless in re-entry / aftercare. Unless special arrangements have been made.
  12. No loitering in front of building. Only lot on north side of building will be used for outdoor recreation. All other areas are off-limits without staff permission.
  13. Any shelves, pictures, or changes to dorm areas must have staff approval.  This includes making things to be given away, or to go into bunk areas or common areas.
  14. No food or drinks in the dorm, or dayroom areas without permission.  (This also includes cooking utensils and other kitchen supplies.)
  1. No students that have left the program will be allowed back on premises without special permission.
  2. No contacting former students without special permission.
  3. Students are only allowed in dorm rooms that they are assigned to.
  4. Parking only in designated spaces, no parking in front of store during store hours.


  1. Students clothing is limited to ten complete outfits. (unless you brought more items with you) ten tops & ten bottoms, including shorts & t-shirts, dress & work clothing included. Shoes are limited to three pair, including work shoes.
  2. Each person is responsible for keeping his living area clean and neat at all times.  (beds made and clothing, books, etc., are to be put away.)
  3. All students and staff must clean up after themselves; this includes the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and any other room or area being used by them.
  4. Bunk area is to be left “as is” no hanging drapes, sheets, blankets, partitions, bumper stickers, name tags, etc. on or near bunks.
  5. There will be no going to bed dirty.  One bath daily is required and no more than one a day is allowed (must be taken during evenings).  The user will clean showers and sinks immediately after each use.  A fifteen-minute time limit will be in effect for the bathroom (five minute shower limit).
  6. Hair and person should be neatly groomed, moderate in appearance and avoiding extremes. Haircuts and hair dying must be approved by staff.  Mustaches and beards are allowed only at the discretion of staff, and then must be trimmed and complete. Only neat appearance will be accepted. NO TATOOING PERMITTED!
  7. Pajamas or shorts and tee shirt are required for sleepwear. An attitude of modesty should always be presented during changing time and shower time.  This can be accomplished by keeping oneself covered as much as possible.
  8. Shorts must be at least mid-thigh length.  No short shorts or tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
  9. SHIRT AND SHOES are always to be worn anywhere outside of dorm.



  1. Students will use county healthcare.  In a situation, which requires a personal physician, the visit must be approved by the director and deemed necessary, and a family member approved by the director will have to be used for transportation to and from these special visits.
  2. Any person that has obvious signs of contagious illness or fungus must be brought to staff attention immediately.
  3. Medicine that is prescribed by a doctor must be approved and administered by authorized staff member only. Students will not be permitted to accept or use any medications that contain alcohol or narcotics.
  4.  All students must report to staff if sick.  If ill, student must remain in bed.  (Signs must be obvious.) Check-ups and health matters not deemed immediately necessary may only be done by appointment, and with staff approval.  You MUST go to church unless you have a doctor’s order not to do so.
  5. All pre-existing health conditions must be taken care of prior to entry or during re-entry. Only new emergencies will be handled, and then through local clinic as The Harbor is not responsible for the care of these conditions, and is not liable for such.
  6. Any student that contacts a long term illness or is unable to participate in the program will be given a leave of absence and sent home, or elsewhere until he is recovered and has a doctors permission to return.



  1. Students must eat at prescribed mealtimes, and only in dinning room, unless given special permission.
  2. Only scheduled/authorized persons are allowed in the kitchen or pantry at any time. Any variations of the cooking schedule must be approved.
  3. Pantry access only by approval. No one is to be in refrigerator unless by special permission.
  4. Proper manners are required during meal times. No caps, loud talking, belching or inappropriate talk is allowed. If this occurs, students may be asked to leave the table and miss mealtime.
  5. All students are required to remove all eating utensils and deliver them to the kitchen for the dish crew after eating.
  6. No dishes taken outside or off premise.
  7. Guests are always served first; No arguing with the servers or cook. Second helpings only when called.
  8. Only two 12 oz. cups of coffee allowed in morning, and two in evenings if available. If you don’t drink coffee, you may not give your share to another student.
  9. All food items brought onto premises must be shared equally among students and distributed through the normal pantry process.



  1. Visitations are privileges not rights. They are earned after a testing period, and given at the discretion of the director.
  2. There will be times when visitations are not possible because of scheduled activities. Those wanting to visit a student must call at least 24 hours prior to a desired visit and leave a number and a message that they desire a visit.  If a visit is not possible they will be called back.
  3. Present visiting hours are from 3:00 p.m.-5:00 pm on Sunday afternoons. All visitors must report to staff and sign in to visit.  All visits must be monitored.  A visit may be terminated if the monitor deems it necessary.



  1. All money given to assist the student must be turned in to the office and the money will be placed in the student’s account, which will be administered by authorized staff members only.
  2. The family of the student should hold all valuables until completion of the program.  The Harbor Ministries is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  3. No student will be allowed to give any other student money or gifts.
  4. Generally, no one will have cash on his person at any time.
  5. ALL INCOMING AND OUT GOING MAIL will be inspected (read and searched) for drugs or any other matter that might be deemed harmful to the re-orientation of the student, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual.  Any mail deemed harmful will be returned to sender.
  6. Any mailing or passing of letters without going through proper channels may constitute dismissal.
  7. TELEPHONE PROCEEDURES:  Students will not receive incoming calls.  If there is an emergency, the student will quickly be given the message.  Students will be allowed to make outgoing calls only by permission of the director or acting director, and then will be monitored by the speakerphone to regulate disorders of conversation.  Monitor may terminate the call with no warning should it be deemed necessary.  There will be a 5-minute time limit on phone calls.  Any unauthorized phone calls may constitute dismissal.
  8. SHOPPING:  A staff member will go to the store for personal items.  Items to be purchased will be submitted in writing to the office, and will be purchased providing there are sufficient funds in the individual’s account.  Staff will determine what constitutes “needs”, and only needs will be purchased.
  9. Any request for purchases must be made 24 hours in advance.  Student money is not kept on the premises.
  10. When students leave the program early, all student funds will be sent to student’s family.  No pre re-entry student will leave with money.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  11. Director must distribute all donated items. Students may only be given items pre authorized on a voucher. Vouchers given by director only. Vouchers apply to discipleship students only.
  12. Student’s leaving the program prior to graduation from the program will only be allowed to take items that they brought with them.  All other items not brought with the student at entry will be left at the harbor.
  13. All persons requesting donated items must request in writing specific needs when needed, or prior to items being donated.
  14. Any money or personal items left over 30 days will become property of The Harbor.


  1. Only staff may use any of the controls on any heating/air conditioning systems.
  2. Do not disturb staff members after hours unless it is an extreme emergency; the oldest brother on campus will decide what an emergency is or what needs to be written up.



  1. All previous rules and conduct apply to re-entry/aftercare students as you still represent The Harbor Ministries.
  2. All re-entry/ aftercare students must be able to set a prime example to all other students. Anything less could result in dismissal.
  3. Students in re-entry/ aftercare will be required to pay room and board and set up a budget and financial plan with the director.
  4. All money and paychecks (un-cashed) are to be turned in the day they are received and deposited into the Student Account.
  5. No students are to cash their paychecks without permission.
  6. All students are to turn in a verifiable work schedule weekly that corresponds to their pay stub.
  7. No outside bank accounts with out Directors approval.
  8. All requests for money are to be in writing on approved forms.
  9. Any purchases must be pre-approved. Students must turn in a copy of receipts to verify all purchases.
  10. Students may not buy an automobile on credit.
  11. Students cannot operate a vehicle without proper license and insurance.
  12. No borrowing money from co-workers, parents, friends or mentors.
  13. Mentors are not allowed to assist financially or give gifts without permission from the Director.
  14. Students in re- entry are required to keep up their chores, church attendance, bible studies, evening meetings and morning prayer / devotions times.
  15. Aftercare students are to go to church assigned by director. All church rules apply.
  16. Passes are a privilege and are only awarded after a testing period.
  17. Re-entry/aftercare students are limited to one pass a month, and there must be at least 48 hours notice for approval of home visits. All requests for passes must be in writing on approved forms and have approval from the Director.
  18. Passes must be approved and signed by director before leaving on pass.
  19. All house rules apply to home visits. Persons must call in and get permission from the director if they go anywhere other than the predetermined location.
  20. If a student does not have a job, he is required to participate in vocational training.
  21. When Aftercare and Re-entry Students are not at work, they are required to participate in all activities including vocational training.
  22. Telephone rules apply to re-entry/aftercare as before. No phone calls are allowed at work other than business related calls.
  23. Students are only allowed to go to and from work and not deviate from a preplanned, approved route; any other stops to and from work may constitute grounds for dismissal.
  24. No leaving premises without permission from staff, (unless scheduled work times) leaving without permission is grounds for dismissal.
  25. All re-entry/aftercare students must sign in and out when leaving the premises.
  26. Jobs taken in re-entry/aftercare must complement the schedule of the program (9:00 am to 5:00 pm or 10:00 pm to 6:00 am). No evening shifts are to be taken with out special permission.
  27. If your job requires you to work on Sunday, one church service on Sunday must be attended.
  28. Do not take a job that depends on transportation from strangers or co-workers.
  29. Students must have the director’s or mentor’s approval before accepting a job.
  30. Students cannot work in any establishment that sells alcohol or pornography.
  31. No student may work at the same job as another student, without special permission.
  32. No self-employment will be allowed.
  33. No telephone or cell phones without permission. Any cell phones or beepers must be issued by employer ( with written confirmation)




What People are Saying!
  • The counselors have an open door policy and they provide stellar support as well as a variety of lectures and group discussions. They can help you with any type of addiction. Talitha Benavidez
  • The treatment team is highly experienced and trained. The treatment facility is amazing. The staff is AMAZING the food is AMAZING the accommodations are (again) AMAZING. Fred
  • Good behavioral techs. Too much confusion among discharge planners and insurance. Tawanda
  • The Harbor Ministries Life Training Center is a very well run Facility. The property is amazing and the perfect location to start healing. Sherri Sides
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