A Clothing Donations Facility in Houston Texas Helps Ex-Convicts

Men returning from prison often have a very difficult time adjusting to life on the outside.  Because prison life is an extremely structured existence it can be overwhelming to suddenly return to the freedom of the outside world.  This fact combined with the lack of opportunities offered to convicts means that many people return to a life of crime and wind up back in jail.  This revolving prison door has a high social cost as well as a high financial cost. Instead of being productive members of society these men’s lives are wasted behind bars.  A clothing donations  facility in Houston Texas can help provide these men with services to get them re-acclimated to society.

Currently Texas has a 32% recidivism rate meaning that more than 3 in 10 people released from prison will wind up back there again.  This number is actually lower than the national average and it is due in small part to programs like those found at Harbor Ministries.  Through treatment and education men are learning the skills they need to be good fathers, good husbands, and good workers.  This allows them to lead fulfilling lives once their debt to society has been paid.  This results in cost savings for the state as it lowers incarceration rates and it leads to better outcomes for the individual and for society as a whole.

How a Clothing Donations Facility in Houston Texas Funds These Ministries

Harbor Ministries seeks to offer these prisoners a chance at a new start.  This year-long program gives the men the knowledge and skills to thrive outside of prison.  Our combination of Bible study, practical life lessons, and vocational training shows society that this man is ready to lead a crime-free life.  As one of the most trusted clothing donations facility in Houston Texas we take pride in helping men get on their feet and stay out of trouble.

As a religious based non-profit we receive no funding from the state and rely solely on private funding.  If you have items that you are no longer using please donate to Harbor Minstries.  Our thrift store helps us pay for these programs and keep our ministry up and running and all deductions are tax deductible.

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What People are Saying!
  • The counselors have an open door policy and they provide stellar support as well as a variety of lectures and group discussions. They can help you with any type of addiction. Talitha Benavidez
  • The treatment team is highly experienced and trained. The treatment facility is amazing. The staff is AMAZING the food is AMAZING the accommodations are (again) AMAZING. Fred
  • Good behavioral techs. Too much confusion among discharge planners and insurance. Tawanda
  • The Harbor Ministries Life Training Center is a very well run Facility. The property is amazing and the perfect location to start healing. Sherri Sides
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