Automotive Donations in Houston Texas to Help the Homeless

Many people have old cars that have transmission issues or other mechanical problems that make them practically unable to be driven. They take these cars to a dealership, take what little they can get for a trade in, and simply forget about the car. There are other options, however. If you have an old car that needs some work but can be fixed, consider Automotive Donations in Houston Texas in order to put your car to good use. Not only can it help the homeless or a man fresh out of jail, it also can give you a tax credit that can be a major help.

Putting Your Old Car to Good Use with Automotive Donations in Houston Texas


While this tax benefit is a major bonus, the feeling of helping your fellow man is an even stronger incentive. It is good to know that something that may mean little to you can have such a major impact on a man’s life. After we fix up your car, we can either sell it or use it for our program, allowing men to get from job to job or using the money to help fund our program. Since we allow all men to sign up regardless of their financial means, Harbor Ministries relies on the kindness of the greater Houston area to fund its mission.

If you have an old car that you no longer need and want to use it to make a difference in man’s life, contact the donations department at Harbor Ministries to learn how it can help someone in need. Together, we can help men who want to get their life back on track with life-based classes rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We have helped many men reunite with their families and become positive role models in their community.

Have a car to donate? Use if for Automotive Donations in Houston Texas

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