Building Spiritual Growth with a Houston Homeless Charity

Many men in society know something is lacking in their lives, but they don’t know exactly how to fill it. Some turn to drugs or alcohol in an effort to fill this gap, which only leads to problems with their families and problems with the law. What they are missing is actually the presence of God in their life. When a man fills that hole with the love of Jesus Christ through a Houston Homeless Charity, they suddenly find themselves fulfilled without the need for harmful drugs. This helps men reunite with their families and keeps them out of jail.

Houston Homeless Charity Providing Spiritual Teachings

One of the most important components of the three part strategy at Harbor Ministries includes Bible studies. When men are ready to make a change in their life, the knowledge of how Jesus died for our sins and how He helps us in our daily lives helps men get through the daily struggles that we all go through. A Houston Homeless Charity focused on providing this teaching can help a man experience this love in their life and keep them on the straight and narrow.

Harbor Ministries seeks to help a man with his spiritual growth as well as vocational learning and daily life skills. This approach has proven effective for men recently out of jail or men who have experienced homelessness. By building up these men’s spiritual health as well as their self-esteem, we can reunite families and keep men out of prison. This helps rebuild communities devastated by drugs, alcohol, and other societal ills.

If you have items to donate, including clothing, vehicles, household items, or more, you can contribute to this important charity. Harbor Ministries re-sells these items in our thrift store to help men of all means change their lives. To learn more about how Houston Homeless Charity can help the homeless, contact Harbor Ministries donations department right away.

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