Clear Out Your House with Furniture Donations in Houston Texas

When people buy a new couch or love seat, they can suddenly find themselves with an unwanted piece of furniture. Selling it is a possibility, but then a person has to list it and wait for a response. And if you don’t have a truck, it can be difficult to move the furniture out of your house. Instead of letting it sit there collecting dust, you can put it to good use with Furniture Donations in Houston Texas to Harbor Ministries! By donating furniture that is still in good shape, you can help men the community get their lives back on track.

Benefits of Furniture Donations in Houston Texas

By contacting the donations department at Harbor Ministries, not only can you get that old piece of furniture out of your house, you will really be helping those in need. Harbor Ministries runs a thrift store where we sell furniture and other items to help fund our programs for men in need. These programs help those who:

  • Are just out of jail
  • Are homeless
  • Are getting over drug addictions

Furniture Donations in Houston Texas help keep costs to these men an absolute minimum, ensuring that no one is turned away because they cannot afford the program.

As an added benefit, you will get a tax deduction based on the value of your furniture. So not only will you be helping these men, you can enjoy a nice deduction on your taxes. Talk to the donations department to find out exactly how much you can expect to save on taxes.

If you have an old couch, love seat, recliner, or living room set, contact Harbor Ministries for Furniture Donations in Houston Texas and put that old furniture to good use.

Have unneeded furniture? Find Furniture Donations in Houston Texas

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