Clothing Donations in Houston Texas: Time to Clean Out the Closet

As Christmas approaches, now is a good time to go through the closet and find some old clothes you don’t need any more. It’s very easy for a decent shirt to get pushed to the bottom of the drawer or to the back of a closet, only to be forgotten. Why not look into Clothing Donations in Houston Texas to put that old shirt to use? By donating gently used shirts and pants, you can help fund a program here in Houston that helps men get back on their feet.

Clothing Donations in Houston Texas Providing Help the Those in Need

By selling high quality, used clothing for Clothing Donations in Houston Texas, we can use that money to help homeless men and men recently out of prison get a new start on life. At Harbor Ministries, our unique program focuses on the following areas to help a man get right with himself and get right with God:

  • Practical
  • Vocational
  • Spiritual

By helping a man learn a vocation, we can provide him with the tools he needs to provide for himself and his family. By providing practical skills such as balancing a checkbook and cooking a decent meal, we can teach a man how to live and function in society. And through spiritual, Bible-based studies, we can get his soul right with God and keep that man on the straight and narrow.

This program is open to all people, regardless of financial means. Through Clothing Donation in Houston Texas to our thrift store, we can ensure that the funding is there to help all men sign up and become productive, proud members of society. This breaks the terrible cycle of recidivism and helps families stay together. If you have clothing to donate, please contact us today.

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