Earning Respect with Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

Prisons seek to break men down. They work to take away a person’s self-worth, their identity, and their self-respect. This is done by the guards and other prison personnel in an effort to maintain control. Unfortunately, this carries over when a man is released from prison. Suddenly, he has none of the basic tools necessary to function in society. Harbor Ministries seeks to provide Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas by helping a man earn respect and build up his self-worth. By giving him tasks and responsibilities and letting him earn more through good work, we can help this man get back on his feet.

Self-Respect and the Law

When a man doesn’t respect himself, he makes bad decisions. Things like drug use, alcohol abuse, and other dangerous behavior go hand-hand with this type of thinking. That’s because a man doesn’t care about himself or his future and makes short-sighted, irresponsible decisions. He doesn’t care if he goes back to jail, he doesn’t care about his family, and he doesn’t even care if he lives or dies. This is a sad situation that is all too common in our society.

We seek to provide Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas by showing these men that they are loved by Christ. We show them that we believe in them by allowing them to work in our thrift store, showing them that they have value and skills. We want to them to learn that other people love them, which helps them to begin to love themselves. This way, these men can get off the streets, get out of jail, and get back to their families where they belong.

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