Ending Homelessness with Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

The economic problems over the last few years have caused homelessness in Houston to become a serious problem. The city of Houston estimates that approximately 40,000 people experience homelessness in the city annually with over 13,000 homeless at any given time.  This gives Houston the 8th highest homeless population in the nation.  This is a major problem for the community because homelessness can lead to many social illnesses including drug use, prostitution, and other crimes. Harbor Ministries, a trusted homeless assistance in Houston Texas seeks to end this problem giving men a fresh start and helping them get their lives together.

How We Provide Homeless Assistance Houston Texas

Harbor Ministries strives to give men the spiritual and practical guidance to end their homelessness once and for all.  Many shelters work to simply house the homeless from night to night. While this is a noble goal it does not get to the root of the problem. Because many of these men suffer from mental health problems or substance abuse problems, Harbor Ministries works to correct these problems by providing homeless assistance in Houston Texas that addresses these problems head-on.  Funded solely by your donations, this includes:

  • Life Skills Classes that teach men how to handle daily activities and cope with struggles without resorting to drugs or alcohol
  • Bible Studies Classes that give  men a deeper understanding of Scripture and help build a better relationship with the Lord
  • Vocational Training that helps them develop practical skills and ability to make a living working in society

Since 1988 Harbor Ministries has used this approach to help men from all across Houston and all across the nation in attempt to end their homelessness for good. With their combination of strict structure, Bible-based learning, and practical education men can learn to readjust to the daily demands of life without becoming a falling victim to the same patterns that keep them homeless. With this program men can become self-sufficient and productive members of society.

In order to fund these programs we rely on the help of those in the community.  We offer one of the most trusted homeless assistance ministries in Houston Texas putting the money to use and helping those in the most need.

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