Furniture Donation in Houston Texas to Help Addicts

Many people have old furniture just sitting around their house. Maybe it’s an old couch in the back of the basement or an old recliner that it’s time to replace. Instead of just throwing it on the curb or tossing it in the alley to be thrown away, why not look into furniture donation in Houston, Texas? At Harbor Ministries, we can come pick up your old, unwanted furniture and re-sell it in our thrift shop. Not only will this clear some space in your house, it can really help people in need.

Benefits of Furniture Donation in Houston, Texas

The benefits of getting rid of your old furniture through a furniture donation in Houston, Texas are many, including:

  • Tax deductions
  • More space in your house
  • Letting us do the work of coming to pick it and move it
  • The good feeling of helping to support a ministry that does good in the community

By selling this furniture in our thrift shop, Harbor Ministries can keep its Harbor Ministries Life Training Center free to people who first enroll. This allows men just out of prison or men who are trying to kick a drug addiction get back on track to positively contribute to society. You give us a hand out in the form of your old furniture, we’ll use to give a hand up to those who want to get right with society and get right with God.

While furniture donation in Houston, Texas is one way we fund this program, we will also gladly take any clothing donations, houseware donations, automotive donations, or cash donations. All of these provide the same financial and spiritual benefits of the furniture donation and are certainly appreciated by everyone at Harbor Ministries. Together, can make Houston a better place.

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