Harbor Ministries and Auto Donations in Houston, Texas

Many people in the greater Houston area have old cars that they don’t know what to do with. Maybe these cars aren’t in the best shape or have some kind of mechanical flaw that the owner just hasn’t gotten around to fixing. If your car has an engine and is in towable condition, why not look into auto donations in Houston, Texas? Harbor Ministries will make it as easy as possible to donate your car, provided it has an engine and is towable.

Benefits of Auto Donations in Houston Texas

There are several benefits for a person who is considering an auto donation in Houston, Texas. For one, the person donating the car will get a significant tax break. Regardless of the condition of the car, the donator will get at least a $500 tax credit (again, assuming it has an engine and it towable). When Harbor Ministries comes to pick up your car, we will give you a 1098C for the sale price of the vehicle. When Harbor Ministries sells your vehicle, we will then give you a final 1098C for the actual sale price. This way, you will get a fair market deduction for your vehicle.

Another wonderful benefit to auto donations in Houston, Texas is that these cars will help people in need. Harbor Ministries fixes these cars and sells them for a reasonable price to families in need. This can help people find a job, run errands, or just exist independently without being forced to rely on public transit. This simple act can really help get a person out of poverty and really give them a hand up in improving their lives.


Auto donations in Houston, Texas aren’t just for cars, however. We can take many motorized vehicle, including:


  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks


If you have an old vehicle that is taking up space or that needs some minor repairs that you don’t want to make, look into auto donations in Houston, Texas. Your donation can really help people in need while giving you a bit of a tax break. Contact Harbor Ministries to set up a donation time today!


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