Helping Convicts Through Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

When a man is released from prison, it can be almost impossible for him to get his life back on track. Even men who fully intend to stay on the straight and narrow can find it difficult to find work due to the stigma convicts have in society. And because many of these men have alienated their family members, they find themselves on the street with no money. This can lead to drinking, drug use, and criminal activity that these men swore to avoid. By providing Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas, Harbor Ministries helps these men prove they are ready to make a change in their lives.

Vocational Skills Providing Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

One problem men face when they leave prison is that they often have little in the way of practical skills. This means that they qualify for only the most low-paying jobs. These jobs generally do not provide a livable wage so even men who want to work find it impossible to support themselves. By working in our resale shop and working their way into a supervisory position, it may be possible for these men to learn vocational skills to sustain themselves in society.

Not only do these men learn vocational and life skills, being promoted can help build self-esteem and self-worth. Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas is more than just life skills, it is also must develop psychological and spiritual skills. By studying the Bible and finding the positives within themselves, these men will strive to become examples in their community, showing young people and other convicts that it is possible to live in society without resorting to crime.

To support this Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas, contact the donations department at Harbor Ministries. Your tax deductible donation of clothing, vehicles, household goods, or other items helps men get on the path to true self-reliance.

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