Helping ex-Offenders with Auto Donations in Houston Texas

One of the most ostracized groups of society are those with criminal records. Upon being released from prison, many of these men find that they are effectively excluded from legitimate society. They can’t find legit work, so they wind up back on the streets with the same crowd that got them locked up in the first place. Through Auto Donations in Houston Texas, it is possible to help these men get back on their feet and find real work, allowing them to live as productive members of society.

A Christian Message of Helping Others

One of the biggest reasons to help these men is because society in general casts them out. As Christians, it is important to help these men, no matter how serious the crimes they committed. Just as Jesus ministered to the tax collectors, lepers, and other outcasts, so, too, must modern Christians minister to those in need. If a man has a true desire to turn his life around, to live as he should, and to live as a Christian, Harbor Ministries will help them.

We believe that by helping these men, we are living Christ’s message of love and service to others. Our program helps men learn a trade, learn life skills, and learn about the Bible in order to turn their lives around. We want to help men break out of the cycle of recidivism that destroys lives and destroys families. By giving these men help obtaining real employment, we can help reduce the prison population while being an example of Jesus’ message.

If you have an old vehicle, contact our donations department for Auto Donations in Houston Texas. Our ministry is funded by the kindness of the community, where we are able to re-sell gently used items and use these cars for men in our ministry. To learn more about how your car can make a positive change, contact Harbor Ministries for an Auto Donations in Houston Texas.

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