Homeless Assistance In Houston Texas: Don’t Fall Victim to the Bystander Effect

A homeless man in Houston lay dead for almost 20 hours in a popular Houston strip mall before he was found by police. Many people walked by, some even taking pictures with their cell phone, but none called the police. Social psychologists call this the “Bystander Effect,” where people assume someone else will provide help. Unfortunately, as this case shows, it can actually lead to people receiving less aid as citizens pass the buck to one another. It is everyone’s job to help with Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas to make sure that men in need get a fresh start on life.

Harbor Ministries Providing Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

At Harbor Ministries, we work to give men the tools they need to become self-sufficient, productive members of society through educational and spiritual training. These classes include:

  • Bible classes
  • Vocational classes
  • Life skills classes

By working with these men to create a practical, Christ-based life, we can get to the root of homelessness and give these men the tools they need to be solid, upstanding citizens. This Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas helps end the chronic homelessness that plagues our city.

These classes are funded by generous donations of clothing, furniture, automobiles, and other products that can be resold in our thrift store. This way, we can provide these services at the lowest cost possible, ensuring that no one will be turned away based on financial reasons. Because of this, we can provide Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas to all who need it.

If you have a car, furniture, or other donation to help the homeless, please contact our Donations department to make your tax free deduction today. Together, we can all do our part to end this problem once and for all.

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