Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas: Helping with Reintegration

One thing people not think about is, when a person gets out of jail or works to correct chronic homelessness, there are many basic life skills that they simply don’t possess. Opening a checking account, setting a monthly budget, and other daily activities that we take for granted can be extremely difficult for these men. This can make reintegrating to society almost impossible. Part of Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas needs to focus on these life skills in order to make sure these men know how to function in society.

Providing Life Skills Classes for Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas


At Harbor Ministries, one of the areas of the program involves teaching these men just these skills. When in prison or on the street, these skills simply are not necessary. And after several years of not using these skills, it can be difficult to even know where to begin. It also is hard to ask for help with these skills because most people seem to simply take them for granted, making these men feel stupid for having to ask these questions. We work on the most basic skills to give these men a foundation to live as honest men within society.

At Harbor Ministry, we seek to take men fresh out of prison or off the streets and turn them into productive, Godly members of society. We focus on life skills, vocational skills, and Bible study to help these men live as they should. This helps ensure that these men stay out of prison and helps keep families together.

If you have items or money to help with this program, contact the Donations department at Harbor Ministries today. We re-sell these items in our thrift store, allowing men of all financial means to attend our program. If you have items to donate, contact Harbor Ministries today.

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