A Proven Track Record of Providing Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

When considering giving to a charity that provides Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas, it is important to work with a group that has a proven record of helping. Some groups start out well-intentioned, but simply don’t have the experience to provide the help that people need. Other groups might have a large portion of their revenue go to fund overhead or other operating costs. This means that the money is not going where it is most helpful– to those in need. At Harbor Ministries, we have more than 25 years of proven excellence helping men get their lives back on track, ensuring that any clothing, money, or other items donated go directly to helping people in need.

Funding Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas through Donations

At Harbor Ministries, we seek gently used clothing, household goods, vehicles, and other necessary items and put them to use to help men in the community. We help men who want to get their lives back on track after being derailed by drugs or prison. Through a sincere desire to change their lives through Jesus Christ and through hard work, these men can become productive members of the community who are accountable to themselves, their community, and their God.

By selling these items in our thrift store, we can get the revenue necessary to provide Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas. Because we have been around for more than two decades, we have a successful formula to get men back into society. Through Bible studies, vocational classes, and life skills classes, we help reunite men with their families and break the cycle of recidivism that plagues society.

If you have items to donate and wish to provide Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas, contact Harbor Ministries right away. We will schedule a pickup and turn your unwanted goods into something positive.

Have items to donate? Use them for Homeless Assistance in Houston Texas

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