Putting Clothes to Good Use with Clothing Donations in Houston Texas

People may not realize it, but they have plenty of money sitting in drawers, hanging in a closet, or tucked away down in the basement. These clothes, many of which are still in great condition, may be a bit out of style or slightly too small. People hold on to these items, not sure what to do with them. They are too nice to throw away but they simply can’t be worn by the owner. If you find this to be your situation, contact Harbor Ministries and find out how Clothing Donations in Houston Texas are turning these clothes into money and helping the less fortunate in the process.

Funding Important Works with Clothing Donations in Houston Texas

At Harbor Ministries, we help men who are just out of jail and those who are homeless get a new start on life. With vocational, spiritual, and life training classes, we help men get their lives back on track. Because these men have little money, we offer these programs at little to no cost due ot the generosity of Clothing Donations in Houston Texas. This way, no man will be turned away because of need. If he has a serious desire to live right in society and live right with God, he will be welcome at Harbor Ministries.

At our thrift shop, we sell used clothing, furniture, and other items which raises money for these programs. Our Clothing Donations in Houston Texas goes directly to these programs and to these men, helping them show that they are ready to be responsible for their actions.

If you have clothing or other items to donate, contact our donations department today. Our donations are tax deductible and greatly help the Houston area. To schedule a pick up, contact us today.

Have items to donate? Contact Clothing Donations in Houston Texas

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