Putting Old Cars to Use with Houston Vehicle Donation

Many people have older cars that they don’t know what to do with. They may sit in a driveway or take up space in a garage waiting to be fixed. An owner may work on it here and there and may have grand plans for it eventually, but they never come to fruition. Instead of letting this valuable piece of property just rust away, is it as a Houston Vehicle Donation and use it to help the less fortunate.

The Value of a Houston Vehicle Donation

A Houston Vehicle Donation can actually help in two ways. One, we can potentially sell the vehicle and use that cash to help fun our program. These cars can often bring in several thousand dollars which directly goes to help men recently out of prison. It helps pay for our vocational classes, life skills class, and Bible studies which help these men learn the tools they need to thrive in society. This way, we can offer these classes to everyone regardless of their financial situation.

Second, we can use these vehicles to help transport these men to various jobs. Once they have learned some skills and have earned greater responsibilities, these men will need a way to get to work and run errands. A donated vehicle can be just the tool needed to help these men build the self-respect needed to completely re-enter society. Even the oldest car is a source of pride for these men. And the value of the vehicle earns a person a tax donation.

If you have an old car and don’t know what to do with it, donate it to Harbor Ministries. This donation is fully tax deductible and will help men who sincerely wish to get their lives back on track. To learn more about how a Houston Vehicle Donation can help make this city a better place, contact Harbor Ministries today.

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