Treatment Programs Lower Recidivism Through Donations Service in Houston Texas

A recent report showed that Texas prisoners were returning to prison at a lower rate. Recidivism in Texas dropped 11% as Texas began to emphasize treatment programs to help convicts both in and after prison. Programs that deal with drug addiction and re-entry into society have proven to effectively reduce crime. It has been so effective in Texas that other states such as Kansas, Michigan, and Ohio have seen similar drops when instituting these programs. Through donations service in Houston, Texas, Harbor Ministries seeks to provide programs to help prisoners re-enter society and keep crime rates low.

Funding Re-Entry Programs with Donations Service in Houston Texas

Harbor Ministries seeks to keep the cost of these programs as low as possible for these offenders. We understand that people coming out of prison have little to no money so we work to make our programs free for men when they first sign up. This way, anyone can try to get their life back on track regardless of their financial situation. No one will be turned away because they cannot afford the program. Donations service in Houston Texas help provide the funding we need to offer these services at the lowest cost possible.

At Harbor Ministries, we seek to help men re-enter society through our program which combines the following:

  • Vocational training
  • Life skills classes
  • Bible studies

This way, men can learn skills that will help them get a job, learning coping strategies that will help them deal with any anger issues or substance abuse issues, and learn how to live as righteous men who will live through God.

If you have clothes, furniture, or a car that you aren’t using, contact Harbor Ministries to put these items to good use. Through our donations service in Houston Texas, we turn unused items into productive men.

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What People are Saying!
  • The counselors have an open door policy and they provide stellar support as well as a variety of lectures and group discussions. They can help you with any type of addiction. Talitha Benavidez
  • The treatment team is highly experienced and trained. The treatment facility is amazing. The staff is AMAZING the food is AMAZING the accommodations are (again) AMAZING. Fred
  • Good behavioral techs. Too much confusion among discharge planners and insurance. Tawanda
  • The Harbor Ministries Life Training Center is a very well run Facility. The property is amazing and the perfect location to start healing. Sherri Sides
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