Urgent Need for Donations Service Houston Texas

Many people want to help those in need but don’t know where to begin.  Some charitable organizations have very high overhead meaning that much of the money donated goes to pay for administrative fees rather than helping the poor or homeless.  When looking for donations service Houston Texas it is important to find an organization that puts the money to good use helping those in need.

Types of Donations Services Houston Texas Needed

Harbor Ministries has been serving the poor in Houston for 25 years.  We receive no government aid so we need people in the community to donate to our thrift shop in order to fund our important services.  Some items that are always in need are:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Distressed Property

The first three needs are very common among Houston Texas donations service.  We use these items to help people who come into our program with nothing at all and we also sell these items at our thrift store.  Our thrift store is staffed by volunteers and along with Harbor Ministries program members helps fund our program to keep the costs at a bare minimum for those who wish to attend.

The fourth item on the list, distressed property is used in conjunction with our vocational programs.  Our students take the tools they have learned in the program and use it to rehab homes and other buildings.  The homes are then sold and the money is used to fund our programs.  This also gives our students a practical experience that they can use in the real world once they complete the program.

If you have property or other items please consider donating to Harbor Ministries. One of the most trusted donations service Houston Texas has to offer.  All donations are tax deductible and go to fund programs that fill a vital need in the community.  We also do our best to keep overhead as low as possible ensuring that as much money as possible gets to those in need.  If you have items to donate we would sincerely appreciate your help.

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